I tried this with my new system DSi. It has the camara, music player and internet browser. It is my Christmas gift.



Barber shop Christmas Tree

I went to get a haircut 12-29-09. I saw this tree at the Viking barber shop.


B用新買的DSi照的相片,經過他小小加工,(在媽咪的眼中)very cute 可愛極了。

而且這個DSi 的相片加工的選擇好像很多耶,BEN 會繼續照相,編輯 & put in the blog 。請大家多多支持。


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  • yu
  • Ben, I love it. You are not only a good photographer, but also a creative designer. Good job ! from Aunt YuYu
  • (Ben reply) thank you that means a lot to me. ben 12/30/09

    mechannel 於 2009/12/31 13:11 回覆

  • 阿意
  • 我要我要我要。
    by the way, 包包安然建在否?
  • very smart留言者~我正想說: "Any message for Ben, English, please!"。第一個留言給B的, 可以獲得BC(B說:BC不是西元前)的口袋版POKEMAN手繪速畫像,隨包包寄出。 >>>>>包包? 在店裡想必安然建在。

    mechannel 於 2009/12/31 09:27 回覆

  • miko
  • Great job, Ben. Keep up the good work. Auntie Malia
  • [Ben reply] Thank you. Happy new year! BC 1/1/2010.

    mechannel 於 2010/01/02 08:56 回覆