As the topic, there is  a great thing happened today. 

Benjamin got the 1st place in the spelling contest TODAY in Weimer, TX.


It is the contest among the private schools in our area. Not too sure exactly how many counties are included, but at least 7 or 8 schools participate the contest.

The 1st and 2nd places would attend another contest in Dallar in the 1st week of May.

Then, after that 1st and maybe 2nd place will go to the contest in the White House.

Ha! too much information, not because I am thinking about it, just let you know that the final fight is in the White House.

Well, Dallar has good Chinese food. We have been to Dallas many years ago. This time in May, We will all go as a mini family vacation and spend a night there.

~~~~~~~~~~Well, as usual, Benjamin is bragging about what he did BUT he is good at it today~~~~ HERE

MOM:       Benjamin, Congratulation, You did a good job.

                   (I didn't go with him, only Richard took him.)

Ben:          (in a very humble tone and totally low key)

                  Some words are hard. I just tried very hard to spell it or sound out. I tried my best.



PS: My PC can't type CHinese. Yes, I am at home right now. It is too exciting to wait until Monday to share all this with you. Please do forgive my poor English.( CAN you feel my humble, too??? HaHa!!)




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